Sunday, June 16, 2013

7 Best LDS Missionary Movies

Missionaries are everywhere!

Missionaries seem to be all over the place. On Broadway, on TV, in the news, and even in commercials. With the recent change in age announcement there will be even more of them (estimated 85,000 by this fall!) all over the world, so I thought it would be appropriate to list the best Mormon Missionary movies in my opinion.


7. God's Army (2000)

Arguably the move that started it all- God's Army was directed by Richard Dutcher and also features him as a supporting character. He was instrumental in starting the Mormon Movie industry. This film takes it to some extremes in my view but nothing like the Extreme Missionary movie trailer it inspired. Thanks Brother Dutcher for starting it all.

Trailer for God’s Army (2000)


6. One Man's Treasure

A fun movie about a district of missionaries that find a mysterious clue that lead them on a scavenger hunt on P-day.  Featuring Darin Southam (Ephraim’s Rescue) as Elder Johnson and with supporting actor Dustin Harding (Joseph Smith: Plates of Gold) this low budget film is one of my favorites. Great way to spend your Sunday. Watch it free on Amazon Prime.

Trailer for One Man’s Treasure.


5. The RM
Elder Phelps (Kirby Heybourne) returns home from his mission, to find out that his family has moved without telling him, he's lost his job and his girlfriend didn't wait for him (he only finds out after buying a non refundable engagement ring.) Life couldn't get any worse could it? Featuring Kirby Heybourne and a large cast of LDS favorites this is a fun movie.

The R.M. Trailer with Kirby Heybourne

4. The Errand of Angels

Sister Taylor is excited to share the gospel and teach the Austrians the gospel, and in the process she finds out that they have a lot to teach her as well. The only movie on this list featuring sister missionaries, it is thoughtful, beautifully shot and features a strong performance by Erin Chambers  as Sister Taylor (The Singles 2nd Ward).
Errand of Angels movie trailer

3. Ammon - How Rare a Possession

Arguably one of the most cinematic of Church produced films about the Book of Mormon, How Rare a Possession was directed by Russell Holt (The Work and the Glory) and produced by director Peter Johnson (The Mountain of the Lord).
This scene sadly was cut from the newest version, possibly because of the implied violence. Ammon was my favorite missionary story growing up. He showed what it means to be a strong missionary and still keep the Spirit of the Lord. Hopefully this scene gets put into a new movie too.
How Rare a Possession (Full VHS Movie)


2. The Other Side of Heaven

This movie was so good a few people even joined the church after watching it. The amazing true story of Elder Groberg and his mission in Tonga is a touching story that features some bigger actors and special effects that you likely won't see in another missionary movie. I saw this movie before my mission and actually while in the MTC. Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs) stars as John Groberg and Anne Hathaway (Dark Knight Rises) is his love interest back home. Their love letters are the narration to most of the film, it’s a bit watered down because it was made for a broader audience, but I like it still the same. This is one of the reasons I wanted to serve a mission was reading the book about his mission.


1. The Best Two Years

Elder Calhoune (Kirby Heybourne) is a new missionary, a convert and a bit of a dweeb, and he gets stuck with Elder Rogers, the trunky, love sick Elder who is just putting in the time.  The movie is fun, witty and arguably the best Mormon Missionary movie out there that even people not familiar with the church would enjoy.
The Best Two Years Trailer


  1. Great list!!!! I think you need to add "One Good Man." That is a GREAT movie!! Probably beats the RM for me!

  2. Thanks! One Good Man is a good movie.

  3. how can i find one good man movie please?

    1. I would check Deseret book, itunes and maybe